Trans: When Ideology Meets Reality

Richard Dawkins conversation with Helen Joyce on ‘The Poetry of Reality’, tackling the influence of gender ideology on society, the ideological lens, and its implications for scientific facts.

Helen Joyce is a scientist who is doing a rational analysis of the TG issue. Some things to note are that Richard Dawkins, renowned atheist, seems unsure of what all his anti God beliefs have led to. He doesn’t notice that he called having babies “the gift of birth to women” …. Um, Richard, gift from whom exactly?
Further fascinating facts:
The origin of ladies room’s.
Turns out before the mid 1800’s women were confined to the home and had to plan where to pee since there were no female facilities. Then when women began to work at the factories they had to take off their knickers to pee or poop and they were regulated sexually assaulted by the male workers. They began to organize and demand safe facilities where they could eliminate safely. So, allowing men into ladies rooms is a return to a pre-Victorian oppression of women.
TG in women’s swim locker rooms.
Helen describes what it’s like during a women’s swim meet where the contestants change their suits a dozen times during practice on the day of the meet and then for the actual races they wriggle into a super tight speedo all while a non surgical Lea Thompson watches them. When they complain they are warned that their Medical school recommendations will be pulled and they need to attend re-education classes to get over their trans-phobias.