Cannot say grandson or suggest that Ms. Hernandez knitted a scarf

Here’s a screenshot from the Critical Mathematics Literacy on the right.

In the video the teacher explains and the students happily parrot the we should change Ms. to Mr. so we can somehow balance gender roles.

And of course, the word grandson is oppressive because it suggests that boys and girls exist.


Even if you wanted to teach(indoctrinate) these concepts it’s not the place in math class.

Learn the math and then in some other class talk about your propaganda.

We don’t want the propaganda taught either but this use of math to indoctrinate shows the destructive intent of the left on your family.

Here’s the full video. You see you can says boys and girls since one of the girls may identify as a boy and then you really can’t count how many boys there are since anyone in the class may identify as a boy or not while you are trying to count.