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What's happening in Pleasant Hill, CA

Pleasant Hill Citizens for Responsible Growth - Plan Bay Area Informational Meeting
When: May 21st at 7pm
Where: Pleasant Hill Community Meeting Room at 100 Gregory Lane, Pleasant Hill, CA


Details: The Pleasant Hill Citizens for Responsible Growth (PHCRG) was founded in 1985 and is the only grassroots organization that advocates for residents on a full range of issues, including land use, education and quality of life in Pleasant Hill.

PHCRG is holding an informational meeting on May 21st on Plan Bay Area.  Pleasant Hill's General Plan will be revised this year, so it's critically important that residents become informed.

PHCRG President, Mike Flake, will be the presenter at the May 21st meeting.  "Mike is an engineer who has worked with CalTrans, etc. and is very knowledgeable about One Bay Area.  Mike is well-known in the community and has developed an informative presentation tailored to Pleasant Hill's issues, so people can gain an appreciation for the Sustainable Communities Strategy's impacts on Pleasant Hill 'from one of their own.' "

PHCRG leadership are seeking to re-energize the organization and grow their membership, in preparation for the 2014 City Council race.  Because the group advocates for residents on a wide range of issues, in addition to land-use, it's important for PHCRG to "have a seat at the table" when city officials make decisions regarding education, street and infrastructure maintenance, finances, recreation and park issues, etc.


PHCRG's eventbrite site for this event offers additional information about the group.  Full color flyer is attached and can be freely distributed.  Please forward this to anyone you know that wants to understand more of this issue but has yet to attend a townhall, especially anyone you know that lives in or around Pleasant Hill.