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Hi everyone, 
As you know the One Bay Area plan has been adopted, which means that high density Priority Developments all over the Bay Area will be the norm.  And the next phase of the ABAG/MTC plan is to target private property for acquisition and conservation.


I am heading up a task force for Contra Costa County. I have a plan to attack this and would be willing to share this and create separate county task forces specific to this effort. If you are interested in becoming a task force leader for your county and/or interested in working as a member of a task force within your county let me know asap.


I will be holding a tactical training session very soon.

--Heather Gass

Don't take any Priority Conservation Area(PCA) Grants!

  • MTC-ABAG are throwing money in to rural areas, many of them private property or impacting private property. Encourage your city and your neighbors not to take grants,  too many strings attached. 
  • Click here to see the brochure explaining the program.
  • The Video below shows how PCA is affecting your community without your knowledge.