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The Media presents more control as the only alternative!

Here we will point out how the main stream media always wants you to agree to give up your freedom.

Popular Science tells you to live in one room apartments in the city!

Popular Science Juiy 2012

  • They want to build us a "Better World"
Popular Science illustrates what is planed for the us in the future.  They had cover story and an entire devoted it to in July 2012 Read more at A Better World...
  • They limit our options without asking us what we want.
    • They determine "Four Futures" for us as if they were the only ones who had a say.They claim that environmental problems become more serious unless governments bow down to UN policies. They claim we will become a "Fortress World " where governments choose who can live in protected retreats who must live in degraded wastelands. 
    • The fact is that the globe has cooled for the last 16 years and that free markets and sensible local governments have given us longer lives, cleaner air, better food, and longer lives.
    • Here's where they tell us that the only answer is for us to embrace a "Great Transition" where "Society's values change radically" Read more ...
  • They claim that crowded cities are the only way to shelter us.
    • They believe they they need to "stack and pack" us into cramped apartments where we will be required to have our beds and furniture fold out of the walls so we only need one room, They'd like to have us all live next to small nuclear power plants, and make us grow our own food on our apartment balconies with 40,000 people crowded into one building. Oh, and by the way, we will need to share our cars which will be folded up for use by another.  Sound too fantastic and cruel to be true? Read more...