Health Care
America in the Balance
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What is happening to your Health Care?

Cost and complexity

  • Health can now has 10 titles, 58 subtitles, 456 sections.  How will you understand that?
  • Healthcare now costs you more. Deductions are listed on your paycheck and reported on your taxes W2.
  • Your payment is enforced by the IRS.

No Privacy

  • Your health records are submitted to Washington by your doctor and hospitals and when in the Washington database they are exempt from privacy laws so the Government can automatically share your records without your consent.

You don't control your care or what you provide

  • Patient Outcomes Board Can't be sued or stopped
  • Requires you to pay for abortions No matter what your moral beliefs.


  • You and your doctors should be in charge.
  • Deduct your health care expenses Limit bogus lawsuits
  • Tax free health savings accounts 
  • Coverage belonging to you not your employer.
  • Obamacare now directs all of you health care.
  • Found constitutional and "mandated" by the American People's vote on Nov. 6th. 
  • This law now puts the US Secretary of Health and Human Services in charge of every Health Care activity in the United States.  
  • Watch the video to see how Obamacare will take your money and you abilithy to care for your parents and children.